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Hanne/Johanna (Stollfuss) and August Wilhelm Steffen

August Wilhelm and Hanne/Johanna (Stollfuss) Steffen

Mathilda and Albert Herman Steffen

Mathilda and Albert Herman Steffen

The Albert Herman Steffen Family

The children of Herman and Tillie Steffen

(Back row, l-r) Herman, Samuel, Edward, Matilda, Ferdinand, Theodore, Rudolph, Hugo
(Front row, l-r) Louisa, Agnes, Grandmother, Grandfather, Cora, Alnora

Celebrating a Wedding

A celebration, undated
Left to right: Selma Schoonover, Ed Steffen
Picture may have been snapped during a wedding celebration
for one of Grandma Schoonover's granddaughters, circa: 1977 or 1981

Celebrating Christmas (1950), Ferd & Winnie Steffen's Family

Christmas at Ferd and Winnie Steffen's, 1950
Front row left to right: John (Huntz and Kay's son), Ron (Helen & Don's son), and Karen (Huntz and Kay's daughter)
Seated left to right: Winnie, Ferd, and Chuck (Eileen & Bob's son)
Standing left to right: Peg & Dale, Eileen & Bob, Helen & Don, Jean & John, Huntz & Kay, Marge
Christmas, 1950

Family Time

Elizabeth Steffen and Bill Petrowitz, undated
Left to right: Betty Jacubic (Elizabeth's daughter), Elizabeth Steffen, Bill Petrowitz
in the Kitchen of the Petrowitz farm home, Mauston

Celebrating the Wedding of a Granddaughter

Ferd, Elizabeth, and Ferd's granddaughter Karen; Feb 12, 1977
Left to right: Elizabeth Steffen, Ferd Steffen (seated),
and Karen Steffen (daughter of Kay and Huntz)

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